Frequently Asked Questions!

The most common question I get asked. The honest answer is I dont know. How good are you going to be? Everybody learns at different rates. Some people take the elevator, some people take the stairs. It’s important we set a pace that you feel comfortable with but I will make sure you progress as quickly as possible. Independent driving (with mum, dad or siblings) always accelerates the process.
A manual Toyota Yaris with dual controls fitted – subject to change when Ferrari finally give me a delivery date!

Indeed I can. This link is a good start:


Once you’ve passed your theory you have two years to pass your practical test.

You’ll need to bring your provisional licence. Wear comfortable footwear. Bring copious amounts of chocolate
Yes, you can. As I won’t have the duals I might be wearing a crash helmet!

While you’re at it why not have a peek at this link which is part of the test.


You’ll be asked one Show Me and one Tell Me question but we’ll cover that in more detail throughout your lessons.

Too right I did! Preferably Galaxy or Dairy Milk Wholenut but I’m open to try anything as long as it’s not the dark stuff!
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